Trane Heat Pump Reviews

Trane heat pumps were manufactured first as a business within the family. This was way back in 1885. They have many years behind them and are well known in the field.

Review of the Trane heating and cooling system shows that the product is Energy Star rated and eligible for tax credit. The company that manufactures Trane products takes the lead in environmental technology. They are an “environmentally friendly” and responsible company. The Payne Company takes quality levels to the next generation.

To ensure fuel efficiency and comfortable temperature the microprocessor controls the furnace. Make sure that the unit is installed by a professional person. Reviewing the Trane heat pumps, heating and cooling equipment also further shows the model is engineered to provide economical heating solutions. Trane has designed the cabinet to minimize noise so the sound levels are at a minimum.

Trane’s best and top model manufactured is the 90% efficient gas furnace model: XV90. This model has received the Climate Protection Award from the EPA due to the very low energy efficiency it produces. Trane’s Centravac water chiller has also received an award. Trane also makes the Trane model: RACE 700. This is software that has been designed to analyze the efficiency and environmental impact. This is manufactured for large scale industrial complexes.

Some of the features of the models offered by Trane have the following

Up to 81% AFUE
Becket Flame Retention burner
High-efficiency PSC burner motor
Ceramic fiber combustion chamber
14-gauge steel heat exchanger.
Barometric damper
Large stainless steel access ports.
ECM variable-speed blower motor.
Soft start and soft stop motor
Durable steel cabinet
Multiple accessories
Down flow Horizontal positioning
Active and passive dehumidification
Trane also manufacture:

Residential heating
Commercial heating
industrial Heating
Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) products
air conditioners
air cleaners
indoor coils
About Trane Prices

The estimated cost about trane heat pump is about 2000-10000 dollars per unit according to where you live, heat pump model and type, optional equipment, shipping fee and installation. The best way to get a good price is to ask for several contractors’ bids and compare. You can purchase it online with a good discount but installation need to be confirmed exactly.

Warranty offered by Trane

A standard warranty is given by Trane with very good back-up service. This means the customer gets value for money. The Trane top-of-the-line models are given a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts. Trane also offers a standard extended warranty for all functional parts.

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